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Skate Life: Deck Designer

4.8 ( 4668 ratings )
Zdjęcia i wideo Rozrywka
Desenvolvedor: My Pie Interactive

Have you ever wanted to design your own skateboard deck?

Well now you can with Skate Life: Deck Designer (SL:DD)!

SL:DD lets you take a photo or other image from your iPhones photo library, or a new photo right from your camera, and turn it into a skateboard deck. You can scale the photos size, move it around omni-directionally, and rotate it clockwise or counterclockwise to get that perfect design.

SL:DD then lets you save your design to your photo library, or submit it to be seen with other users designs in our Browse area.

And much more than that, when you submit your design, youre automatically entered in our Skate Life Deck Design Contest, where youll get the chance to win:

* Your design printed on an actual deck and shipped directly to you.
* Your design included in the game Skate Life (see below)

Coming soon to the App Store:

Skate Life is a skateboard career building game that can be played either as single-player or multiplayer against other Skate Life users. You start out as a grom and can work your way up to Pro status and beyond; all the while gaining EXP points & cash to use on buying equipment (featuring big-name skate brands), houses, cars & clothes, increase stats and add tricks to your repertoire.
You can then use your skills against other players in the game of S.K.A.T.E. or in virtual competitions to keep leveling up and building your characters career.

You can also add your favorite skate brands like Santa Cruz, Flip, Independent, Silver, Krux, Anti-Hero, Ricta, Crankshaft, Real, Failed, FKD, Spitfire, Krooked, Boardpusher, & Thunder in the game (including their latest real-life products & hidden skate videos exclusive to Skate Life). As you continue, you get chances to be Sponsored by the companies to get special products unlocked, and reveal hidden videos featuring professional skaters.

Leader Board leaders will occasionally get the chance to win free decks and other prizes, and take part in by-invite-only virtual competitions.

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