Skate Life: Deck Designer App Reviews

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This needs to be updated and I can't press anything in the app there's this weird white block in the corner of the screen, don't get it it doesn't work


Doesn't Work on iPhone6s!! Was one of my top 10 aps! Now it's USELESS!

Skateboard designer

It don't work right on my iPhone 5


It was one picture and it didn't do anything

Awesome (Sarcasm)

Can't do anything. Just crashes anytime I open.


It just stays on one screen the whole time😡


Is it true that we can get a skateboard if we are the winners of the design? I really don't believe that... But this game needs more adjusting, a few designs from the own app itself should do a bit. Still, I want a skateboard with my design shipped to my house so I ca use it.... That would be nice... (-_-)

Not bad

I need to have more than one pick for the deck!


You can only make one board nothing happens after that


I don't know why but it doesn't work when I try it. HELP


i guess its not bad. they should make a touchgrind lite version.

I love this app but when is the FREGGIN skate life comin out it said it's coming out soon for 5month

I put my comment above this lol

Can't do it

When I touch add photo nothing happens! How the heck are you supposed to design with out a picture ???!!?

Not good

One picture, the features hardly ever work like moving the picture. Sizing is horrible, it goes to much. It would be really awesome if you could buy it, and maybe things to start with, picture editing and griptape, wheel, bearings, trucks, etc, could all could be edited. Also accessories like skid plates and nose protectors, ribs . and most of all, different deck shapes like old school decks.

Skate life

Can you please just continue making skate life, we just want the app; you can do minimum and post it so we have it and then finish it and update it later. This app is pretty cool.

Get it!!

This is a awsome game! This is the best game for makeing boards. So get this


U cant write words or phrases on the deck, u can put pics only, And only 1 pic. Please update!!!!!!!!!!!!!


This is probably one of the best apps I've ever downloaded....... I just wish you could buy the boards


What if I just wanna buy the deck? I think you should be able to...and you'll make MONEY!! Or whatever...i wanna buy my deck....I want it. :(


I have no idea how to add a design on the deck. The only thing that acctually works is the trucks setting.


This is a really cool app.Get it!!!!!!!!! : )

By Adrain on December 3

I got skate life


This app absolutely sucked it didn't upload my pictures please update and I'll think about re downloading this...


Well obviously dat game is never comin out but atleast update it so u know when it comin out

Skate life

When is skate life coming out its been sayn cumn soon 4 months


Great app but you should add some airwalk photos. :)


It's a really fun app to mess around with and gives you the pleasure of making your own board..if you get this app look at my boards called cross overs..there nice:)...anyway I do agree however the point of the "one picture" thing..and for the peaple who want to use the board for a app called touchgrind's $5 but it's really worth it...and you can customize the boards on there so if you save the board on here and put it on the board on "there" it will long ..anyway thanks:)


I think it's a really cool idea, but one picture? I mean come on. It needs to be updated.

Would be food but

U can't add more than one picture!!!

Ok, but...

I think it's really cool. I colect skate boards and thought I could make my own design and buy it. Guess not. You only get one picture too, so it's bogause


Are they ever going to make skate life


It was so bad


it can be better like with not takeing photos fom the gallary by with their own photo fo their skate brands


I like the part u design your deck, but can we play with the board and do tricks.


( 0 stars ) Me I like tech deck and suff like that, and the faxt that you disene your skate board. But this app is not good for that. So don't get this app. But the one thing this app is good for is giving you the information about the new board dising app, wich look perty seew.


Worth every free penny

Sick dude

I love this game but when does the freaking game come out!! It sounds sick dude


this game is Ausome i love it


Make the new app but make it free then I will give 5 stars


Well the fact that u cant ajust very well to the side u want but other than that its a pretty cool game


When does the game come out??!!!??!


Sick app i love to skate!! This ausume buy it!!!

Boring as hell

Even though it's free, it's not worth the time There is no actual game, it's just a board designer If u want to do this, get touchgrind. It's an actual game and u can customize ur boards. Maybe just use the boards made on this app, but u don't need to because it let's u do the same thing


I love this app very addictint but when does the game come out


This is the best app I have ever used

Skate life deck deck designer

This is one of my favorite apps! It is awesome.

Need help

This game seems decent, but I need help. I can't get any of the pics I take to appear good or how I want on the deck. It zooms in a lot on the pic and it's distorted and not even close to the way i would like it to be. Can someone help?

Fun fun fun

It's fun haha I made lyk 30 in the first half hr haha


It's simply great!

Tons of Fun

Haha putting pics onto decks is fun. Good app, the upload and top ten feature is pretty cool.

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